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Viaman Delay Wipes

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Viaman Delay Wipes

How many products do you know that can help give better control, and also fit comfortably inside your wallet?

Naturally made Viaman Dely Control Wipes are perhaps one of the most portable male delay products on the market. This means that men can be ready to perform, no matter how unexpected it is.

In the short time Viaman Wipes have been on the market, it has already received rave online reviews and a lot of interest from big names.

Key Features:

- Starts to get to work immediately

- Each wipe contains the precise amount of formula

- Small enough to slot inside a wallet

- Invisible once absorbed

- One pack contains 6 Viaman wipes

- Suitable for condoms

How does it work?

Viaman Wipes contain a variety of ingredients that have been included for their ejaculation-sustaining properties, offering a simple and convenient way to prolong intimate encounters by gently numbing the penis area.

You only need one of the Viaman wipes per session, as they contain the exact amount of delay formula that you need to help you last longer in bed. The slight numbing sensation helps to delay ejaculation, allowing men to enjoy a longer and more pleasurable sexual experience. The way in which this works is that the penis can be less stimulated, allowing the user to have better control until the time is right for both partners.

The main ingredients in Viaman are:

Avena Sativa – derived from the wild oat, this ingredient has been proven to improve sexual performance.

Hypericum Perforatum Extract - increases sexual satisfaction by smoothing muscle contractions, helping to delay ejaculation.

Menthyl Lactate - provides a cooling effect on the skin, resulting in a pleasurable tingling sensation for added sexual pleasure.

Glycerin - offers essential lubrication for both partners.

One pack of Viaman contains 6 delay wipes.

Avena Sativa, Hypericum Perforatum Extract, Menthyl Lactate, Glycerin.

100% GENUINE PRODUCT100% Genuine Product

To give our customers 100% peace of mind, all our products are sourced direct from the official UK distributors which guarantees that you are purchasing a genuine product and all credentials can be verified.

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1. Our products are guaranteed genuine and are all sourced from authorised UK distributors.

2. Our products have not been interfered with, diluted or altered in any way.

3. Our products have not been used and then returned by other customers and inadvertently re-sold.

4. Our products are in the original manufacturer's box / packaging and sealed (where appropriate).

5. Our products are well in date and not near to expiry.
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